Vi löser svårare tekniska rekryteringar

I mer än 11 år har vi specialiserat oss på rekrytering inom både IT- och ingenjörsbranschen. Vi matchar årligen fler än 250 tjänster med tunga tekniska chefer och specialister.

IT-specialister, ingenjörer och chefer

Med mer än 250 genomförda chefs- och specialistrekryteringar varje år, har vi under de senaste 11 åren skapat ett brett, professionellt nätverk av IT-specialister, ingenjörer och tekniska chefer.

Vi har därför erfarenheten som krävs för att hitta tekniskt tunga profiler för tjänster som kan vara svåra att tillsätta.



Communication with the consultants was top notch. In addition to the scheduled meetings and phone calls, there was a good transfer of information in the many status emails. The candidate presentations were very positive. It was easy to form a personal impression of all the candidates from the consultants’ summary.”

Karl Johan Lisby, Head of DevOps & Framework

Capax is to be highly commended for their work ethic and results. I did not expect that in such a short time, we had already come so far in an otherwise grueling process. It was easy to give them free rein with the recruitments, and focus my energy on my own work, and still get highly satisfactory results. Our Hiring Managers in particular loved their status emails, it was easy to always get back to them and create a good overview of potential candidates.”

Jonas Fabricius-Bekker, Head of People

100% successful recruitment – we want more! There was good dialogue throughout and Capax were always easy to get in touch with. It was nice to be able to follow on the sidelines and always know where they were in the process. They had a completely different angle on the job description, and it was interesting to be challenged on our usual processes.”

Michael Nielsen, Agile People Leader

“You’ve found the person that was perfect for us. It was a difficult position, a very technical job. We reached out to a contact regarding your proposed candidate, who told us that there are two people in Denmark that can do what we are trying to do, and this is one of them, that is testament to you finding the best candidate.”

Tom Greene, Cheif Growth Officer, BLAST

Capax has delivered a competent delivery on recruitment of specialist positions in the IT field. We have felt at ease throughout the process, where Capax’s competent staff have presented us with interesting and motivated candidates.”

Dennis Paydar Huynh, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition

Capax gave new life to our recruitment process. Their approach to the task was completely different from what we have experienced with previous partners. They were very proficient at communicating the positions, as well as NTG as a company. They deserve a pat on the back.”

Jesper B. Ørvad, Group Director


GN Group

GN Group sexdubblas i storlek

Capax hjälpte till med rekryteringsprocessen när GN Group påbörjade en omfattande tillväxtresa.


Rekrytering till Danmarks största IT-styrelse


Privatisering av försörjningsindustrin

Letar du efter rätt kandidat? 

Hos oss får du en partner som går 100 % in i uppgiften med att hitta rätt kandidat till er. Vi är synnerligen specialiserade på rekrytering inom både IT- och ingenjörsbranschen och har en djupgående och unik branschkännedom.

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Letar du efter karriärmöjlighet?

Vi ansvarar för många rekryteringar, så vi vet vad som händer i branschen och var dina kunskaper bäst kan tillämpas. Vi har ett brett och varierat globalt nätverk och kan därför hjälpa till med karriärmöjligheter både hemma och utomlands.

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